Positive habits for the best 2024

Penned on the 20th December 2023

Positive habits for the best 2024

A new year brings with it new beginnings and opportunities. It’s the perfect time to implement positive habits into your daily routine to have the happiest, healthiest year yet. We often find New Year's resolutions to be daunting and unsustainable. You may feel pressure to set big goals but don’t be too hard on yourself this year. We would like to share with you these small changes that really make a difference to our overall well-being and happiness. From rising with the sun to spending quality time with loved ones, they are attainable goals that last a lifetime…Not just January!

Rise a little earlier 

Sunrise peering through shepherds hut window

Begin your day with a steady pace and peaceful mind. We often find ourselves saying there are not enough hours in the day, but what if we woke up that little bit earlier, before the rest of the world? Slowly wake, stretch, breathe and drink a glass of water to start your day with a sense of ease and positivity. Allow your body time to wake up and your mind to gather thoughts for the day. 

Julia Cameron swears by the practice of ‘Morning Pages’, which consists of free writing three pages of whatever comes to mind, first thing after waking. If you're not used to waking up early, gradually adjust the time you go to sleep and the time you wake up by 15 minutes each day until you reach your desired time. An extra hour in the morning just might allow you to prepare a healthy breakfast and enjoy your morning brew. Or maybe you want to make time for exercise; a brisk walk or yoga. Whatever it may be, implementing a sleep schedule improves overall sleep quality, helping to regulate your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle. It is also known to increase productivity and improve physical and mental health.

A good morning routine starts in the evening; reduce your caffeine intake after midday, create a relaxing bedtime routine and avoid screen time at least an hour before bed. Your phone alarm is an abrupt way to begin the day and can also result in us falling into mindless scrolling first thing in the morning. Instead, try rising with the sun, leaving the blinds open and allowing the sunlight to find you. This is not always viable in the dark winter months, however, you can opt for a sunrise-simulation alarm instead of your phone. Get outside if you can and allow yourself to be in nature, absorbing vitamin D and spending the first few moments of the day with nowhere to be but the present. 


Reading and journaling

A journal, pen and cup of coffee on round table

If you find yourself getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, reading could be the perfect dose of escapism. It can mentally transport us to a different realm, diverting our minds to a peaceful place. Reading can help to improve your focus and concentration, something our screen time takes away from us. It’s also inspiring, helping us to spark creative ideas, whilst navigating us through our own lives.  Setting some time aside for reading or journaling is great for stress management and self-reflection. 

Slow mornings are our favourite time to journal; make a cup of coffee and sit outside or by the window and be with your thoughts. From diary entries to gratitude journaling, there are different ways to approach it, just find what works for you. If you are new to journaling, start by writing down three things you are grateful for each day, this can be anything big or small! Just getting your thoughts down on paper can feel uplifting. The 6-minute diary is perfect for guided journaling, we also absolutely love the Magic of I journals. 


Spend more time in nature

Meditating in forest

Time in nature allows us to slow down and connect with our roots, and it’s often where we feel most at home and content. It’s easy to slip away from the natural world, especially during the colder months when we just want to cosy up indoors. However, it is so important to move with the seasons and embrace the beauty and benefits of nature all year round. Take a look at our spring, summer, autumn and winter foraging guides for some inspiration on how best to embrace the seasons. 

Now, let's talk about the ‘sunshine’ vitamin, the natural mood booster… vitamin D. Spending a few moments soaking up the rays helps our bodies absorb calcium and other minerals which are important for healthy bodies. It doesn’t have to be the peak of summer, winter sunshine can help you beat those blues and reduce symptoms of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). If the sun isn’t shining, simply stepping out for a breath of fresh air can do you the world of good. Whether this comes from a salt-kissed sea breeze or the trees as you wander through woodland. 

There are also so many new experiences and activities to try in nature, so why not pick up a new hobby this year? Learn how to surf or join a yoga class, go rock pooling, forest bathing or try your hand at alfresco cooking. There are so many different ways we can spend time in nature. We love adventure-filled days but slow days in nature are just as important. Read a book in the dappled sunlight beneath the trees, go for a gentle stroll or simply practise mindfulness in nature, the options are limitless!


Wild swimming

Diving of rocks into the crystal blue sea at The Lizard in Cornwall on a cloudy day

This leads us to our next happy habit, wild swimming. Being beside a body of water can make us feel happier and calmer. The ‘Blue Mind’ Theory uncovers the deeper biological connection we have to water. Describing the theory as 'a mildly meditative state characterised by calm, peace, unity, and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment’. Wild swimming can soothe our souls and quench a thirst we didn't even know we had, we see it as pressing the reset button on your mind. Whether you are a sea swimmer, a lake dipper or prefer to float in a river, a wild swim is sure to clear a foggy mind. There is nothing better than returning to the warmth of a cosy shepherd’s hut or woodland cabin and getting snug by the wood burner.

Cornwall, Devon and other coastal destinations across the UK are renowned for their wild swimming spots. Please take care on your adventures and always check tide times and conditions. Take a look at Wild Swimming Cornwall’s blog ‘How to stay safe when wild swimming’ to best prepare you to take the plunge.


Prioritise self-care 

Toothbrushes in blue pot, face serum, flowers in a vase and bath salts

It’s too easy to fall victim to a busy life and hectic schedule, where you have little time for yourself. This year we are making ourselves a priority and setting time aside for some well-needed self-care. When we talk about self-care we aren't referring to a 10-step skincare routine or booking yourself into an expensive spa. Simply allowing yourself to just be, without any external pressures for some time is often all the self-care we need. So, set aside a little time each day, or moments throughout the day. Read a book, run a bubble bath and cook your favourite meal. Why not incorporate essential oils into your self-care time? Stored away in roots, stems and flowers, they have the power to enhance your relaxation, carrying calming and grounding qualities. Try to avoid using your phone and embrace a digital detox. And if you are looking for the ultimate way to refresh and recharge, why not treat yourself to a solo adventure nestled amongst the wilderness? You are sure to leave feeling utterly relaxed and rejuvenated.


Explore somewhere new

Girl in denim jacket and jeans outside of a vintage clothing shop

Travelling is one of life's greatest educators, visiting new destinations is a perfect way to expand our minds. We sometimes ignore the beauty that lies right in front of us. The UK is home to a plethora of stunning destinations and hidden gems, just waiting to be discovered. And you don’t have to go very far at all, this Hometown Journal helps you to explore, discover and love where you live. Find a new coffee shop this year, wander through an art gallery or go vintage shopping. If you do want to explore somewhere new, we love The Isles of Scilly, Brighton, Totnes and St Ives! Our lovely hideaways are located in hidden corners across the UK. From Cornwall to Cumbria, they are the perfect base for exploring somewhere new. Take a look at our favourite hidden corners of the UK to go glamping here.


Quality time with loved ones

Friends wrapped up in coats and hats looking out to woodland

Spending quality time with our nearest and dearest is one of life's simple treasures that we often take for granted. Invite your family round for an evening of board games and laughter or why not reach out to an old friend who you have lost contact with? A glamping experience is the perfect way to reconnect in nature, away from the distractions of everyday life. Book that trip with your friends, where you spend your days exploring quaint towns and your evenings sharing stories in the hot tub with a glass of prosecco (or two!). Retreat to a safari tent with the whole family, and spend the day at the beach. Returning and cooking up a feast over the barbecue as the sun sets beyond the horizon. Create memories to last a lifetime, you deserve it.


The exterior of Horseshoe Shepherd's Lodge in Devon

Feeling inspired to start planning your 2024 adventures? Browse our collection of heavenly hideaways and find somewhere unique to stay this year. 



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