A quick delve into our roots and culture


Our Values


1. Celebrating the unique

The creativity and individuality behind each hideaways is what makes staying with us such a magical experience. From glamping in the countryside to staying on a luxurious houseboat nestled in its own private quay, we search high and low for the most unique and bespoke structures, while never compromising on luxury.  



2. Working with Mother Nature

We appreciate everything nature gives and want to ensure that we are always giving back. We are passionate about the individual charm that each season holds, and we encourage you to escape to nature, at all times of year. 



3. Offering the highest standard

We have extremely high standards as we want you to have an unbeatable experience while staying in one of our hideaways. Whether that be a glamping safari tent or a cliff top cabin, subtle luxury is what we love. We want you to feel truly immersed in nature’s paradise, while also enjoying a little bit of indulgence.


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Unique hideaways is Classic Cottages' wilder sister

If you think of Classic Cottages as the dependable, affable 40yr old holiday cottage specialist, Unique hideaways is the wild one who always wanted to be outdoors, exploring new places and embracing nature through all the seasons. But the two are from the same family with the same values - to make your time away as wonderful as it can be. Our mantra: every detail matters.


If you are an owner of a unique place to stay and want to delve deeper into the world of Unique hideaways, head to our Owner's Page to find out how we work and to meet the team.