Our favourite hidden corners of the UK to go glamping

Penned on the 16th February 2023

Our favourite hidden corners of the UK to go glamping

With so many picturesque places to retreat to in the UK, we truly are spoilt for choice when it comes to a getaway close to home. We asked our wonderful team at Unique hideaways to share their favourite hidden corner of the UK to escape to and why. From the rugged landscape of The Lake District, right down to quaint fishing villages in Cornwall. We hope you’ll feel inspired by the lovely stories they had to share and decide to retreat to one of these beautiful destinations yourself, making your own memories to cherish forever…

Lyme Regis, Dorset

Adam, Digital Marketing Manager

Evening at Lyme Regis beach, still water and vibrant buildings line the beach

Ever since my children were born, we escape to Lyme Regis as often as we can. This was my wife’s family holiday destination when she was a child and we are passing this tradition onto our young children. Listening to the fond stories my wife had to share, we knew we wanted our children to experience the same amazing childhood memories. It is so special to us, I even proposed right at the top of the Golden Cap after a walk along the picturesque coastline. There is so much to see and do in Lyme Regis and the surrounding areas, with plenty of lovely coastal villages nearby. Beer has to be a favourite of ours. The kids never get bored of looking for fossils on Charmouth Beach, however they are not so keen on walking up the many hill forts in the area!

Where to stay: Stargazy Sky Shepherd’s Hut is the perfect bolthole for exploring east Devon, west Dorset and the Jurassic coast. It is super cosy, with an idyllic outdoor area, lined with pretty festoon lighting and incredible views overlooking all of our favourite places. 


Totnes, south Devon

Beth, Brand Manager

Pretty boats sat on the river through Totnes

If you’re a lover of cosy coffee corners, candlelit dinners, eclectic independents and weekly markets, Totnes is the place for you. The bustling high street is full of vibrant shops to pop in and out of, the majority being bespoke and independently run which is something I love so much about the town of Totnes. Community spirit is high and keeping things local and small is a key priority for this quirky corner of the UK. If, like me, you also love natural landscapes, then you’re in luck, as Totnes is positioned perfectly for exploring the breath-taking landscape of Dartmoor National Park. If you’re looking for the idyllic cosy pub to return to after a rugged moorland ramble, The Cott is just the spot to snuggle up by the fire with a locally brewed pint. Or, if you’re seeking a scrumptious, local, organic breakfast, lunch or dinner, head to The Bull Inn. The menu is not to be missed!

Where to stay: Holsome Hideaway has to be my top pick. After a day of exploring the magic of Totnes, I can’t imagine anywhere more beautiful to return to. 


Talland Bay, Cornwall

Jodie, Marketing Assistant 

The lush green coastal walk surrounding the crystal clear waters of Talland Bay

Talland Bay holds a special place in my heart. Remembering those long summer days, swimming in the sea, dolphin spotting and eating ice cream brings me a nostalgic feeling like no other. All my childhood summers were spent at Talland Bay. My Great Nan and Grandad owned the Smugglers Rest Café in the bay during the early 70’s. This meant, my dad and auntie also spent their childhoods here and from then, continued to visit with their own families in years to come. Talland Bay is a small, peaceful cove. At low tide, we were able to walk round to the secluded beach to the left. Here, we would spend hours rock pooling, only to wade through the water on the way back to the main beach, as the tide started coming in. You can kayak from the bay to beautiful Polperro in just 20 minutes or walk along the scenic coastal path to the pretty fishing village of Looe. We would pack up sandwiches or have a barbecue on the beach, before heading to the café for an obligatory ice cream! The café was perched on a steep grassy hill, which my sister and I would roll down making ourselves dizzy! The walk up and down the hill to the bay is steep and felt endless as a child, but it was always worth it, leading us to the most magical place.

Where to stay: The Hillside Hut is a pocket-sized paradise with emerald tones and pretty botanicals, creating the most calming space. Perched atop an enchanting valley not too far from pretty Looe, The Hillside Hut is perfect for exploring this picturesque corner of Cornwall that I love so much.


Cwm Yr Eglws, Pembrokeshire

Linda, Commercial Manager

Historic chapel wall left standing after the 1859 storm at Cwm Yr Eglws

Cwm Yr Eglws is a sleepy cove, with its own micro-climate, located on the edge of the rugged Pembrokeshire coast between Fishguard and Newport. It is utterly tranquil. I love retreating here when I’m in need of some quiet time. There is a pretty stream running through the middle, the soft trickle of water creates a peaceful soundscape. On a summer’s day, soaking up the Pembrokeshire sunshine is absolute bliss, I have got lost in so many books here. It really is postcard pretty, with lush green trees encompassing the cove. Above the beach, there is a wall of a chapel that was washed away in a treacherous storm in 1859, I can only imagine the contrast to the soft, peaceful cove I know today.

Where to stay: With no phone reception, Y Berllan Hideaway is the most enchanting place for a digital detox, you can really appreciate the beauty of nature here. Secluded in a magical forest glade and only 200 metres from the seashore, Y Berllan Hideaway offers the best of both worlds. 


Hartland Lighthouse to Hartland Quay, north Devon

Abbie, Photographer

Looking out to Harland Lighthouse from the coastline as sun sets

One of my favourite hidden corners of the UK has to be the coast path between Hartland Lighthouse and Hartland Quay in north Devon. This one is definitely for people who love a more challenging walk. It's noted as one of the hardest parts of the southwest coast path, but it really is worth it if you want to get away from the summer crowds at north Devon's more popular beaches. Hartland's coast path is really up and down which creates these amazing little coves along the way, they are so much fun to clamber down into and have a wild swim! You can also find lots of waterfalls dotted all along this rugged landscape. Once you reach the historical Hartland Quay, rocks protrude out into the ocean creating deep-water coves where you can go coasteering, paddleboard or even swim around. You can also get the ferry out to Lundi Island or have a well-deserved drink at the historic pub looking out over the ocean. Such a versatile little place which I think is a very underrated part of north Devon! 

Where to stay: Hayley's Hut is a super cosy shepherd's hut full of countryside charm. It is the perfect little haven to explore the wonders of north Devon. After a long coastal walk, you will love nothing better than returning for a starlit dip in the heavenly hot tub. 


West Cornwall Coast

Annie, Group Writer

Secluded sandy beach and turquoise waters at Porthchapel Beach

The wild coast around West Cornwall has held a special place in my heart since I was a child. We used to pack up our bright orange VW campervan and head out for blustery walks around Logan Rock (followed by a fireside meal at The Logan Rock Inn) in the winter months and clamber down to the shell-speckled sands of Porthchapel in the summer, where we’d leave shaking sand out of our hair after a day in the waves. In the autumn months, we would turn our toes towards Zennor, where the granite-hewn cliffs and tales of mermaids would fill our minds with magic. Even as an adult, these windswept places around Penwith fill me with a wild and untethered joy. They will forever be my happy place.

Where to stay: Porth Chapel Cabin is a cosy hideaway filled with all the little luxuries. With some of Cornwall’s very best landmarks and quaint fishing villages right on your doorstep, be prepared to embrace the true magic this historic part of Cornwall has to offer.


Broad Haven, Pembrokeshire

Rachel, Business Intelligence Developer

Wide stretch of golden sand and clear blue skies at Broad Haven Beach

I have precious memories of summer days visiting Broad Haven in Pembrokeshire. It has a wide expanse of golden sand, which in my 7 year old eyes was enormous! There are plenty of great rock pools to explore and scramble over on either side. As kids we would spend long hours in the sea, jumping waves. I'm a fully winter wetsuited sea swimmer nowadays but looking back we were quite happy in just our swimming costumes. We'd go for the day; build an extensive sandcastle (with a proper moat & turrets, our Grandad taught us to take the job seriously!). We’d bury someone up to their head in the sand, play in the sea and search for hermit crabs in the rock pools. We would pack up sandwiches to be enjoyed on the picnic blanket and maybe have an afternoon treat from the ice cream van - a proper British day at the beach! 

Where to stay: Officers’ Quarters is a soulful escape. Accommodating four, it is the perfect base for a family getaway to the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast. Spending long days at the beach, later returning to share stories around the firepit under the stars (not forgetting the toasted marshmallows!)


The Lake District, Cumbria

Lizzie, Group Writer 

Serene lake and winding road going through the vast mountains of the Lake District.

There’s just something about the Lake District that I find truly soul-stirring. One of the UK’s last great wildernesses, its undulating valleys and saw-toothed mountains, ancient woodland and glacial lakes all exude a rare kind of beauty and drama that are simultaneously humbling and inspiring. The kind of place where you are very much the guest in Mother Nature’s realm, its stunning landscapes continuously change with the season (and the day) and reconnect you with the wild. Above all, with beauty all around, the Lake District draws you in and roots you to the present – treating you to incredible scenery at every turn and creating moments that become lifelong memories. It’s somewhere that I have always loved, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

Where to stay: Tawny Owl Treehouse is the optimum of a Unique hideaway. Nestled amongst the treetops, embrace all that nature has to offer with the outdoor bathtub and quirky alfresco shower! This magical treehouse is in the perfect position for exploring the much loved Lake District. 


Dartmoor National Park, Devon

Rosita, Content Specialist 

Blustery dog walk at Dartmoor National Park

When I’m seeking peacefulness and adventure in equal measure, I head to Dartmoor National Park in Devon. There’s something so special about the rugged moors, peppered with tors, wetlands and forests - all interweaving in a vast and beautiful wilderness that calls for long days of exploration. Perfect for leisurely rambles with the dog, I love nothing more than packing a flask, snacks, and binoculars (and camera for snapping those craggy landscapes), and heading out to soak it all up. Days on the moors are rounded off perfectly with a pitstop in one of Devon’s welcoming watering holes, before returning to a cosy cabin that extends the blissful feeling of remote escapism.  

Where to stay: Room With A View really is a slice of heaven. This humble abode looks out to the famous Haytor, the location really doesn't get much better than this! After a ramble across the moors, there is nothing better than returning to this cosy cabin and getting snug by the wood-burner. Read a little more about a stay at Room With a View here. 



Pretty green interiors inside shepherds hut in Cornwall

We hope you are feeling utterly inspired to escape to nature and have loved reading about our team's favourite places just as much as we’ve loved sharing them with you. There is endless beauty to be explored in the UK. Delve into our collection of heavenly hideaways to find a retreat that is perfect for you and create the most magical holiday memories to cherish forever. 



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