A packing list for a magical glamping escape in nature

Penned on the 10th May 2024

A packing list for a magical glamping escape in nature

Whenever you book a stay in a unique hideaway, all you need to bring is a delicious selection of holiday treats to feast upon and your favourite travel items, as all our hideaways are equipped in the same way as a holiday cottage with many luxurious touches! We’ve curated a packing list about the little things you might not have thought of, that will make your stay in nature that bit more magical...

What to pack for adventure-filled days

Whether you love to hike across the moors you love or find a perfectly hidden cove, we’ve made a list of items that will help to prepare you for whatever adventure you choose to embark on. All our glamping hideaways are nestled across hidden corners of the UK so the activities for you to enjoy are vast. Be sure to check ‘On the map’ for each hideaway for an introduction to what you can explore nearby. 

Paddle boarding and Kayaking in Cornwall

·         Backpack: First and foremost, a good backpack is the foundation of any adventure. It needs to be big enough to fit everything in, such as refreshments, extra clothing and your camera. Consider opting for a backpack with lots of compartments, and waterproof material, or grab yourself a waterproof cover to pop over it. A brand we love is Millican because their backpacks are robust and functional, while stylish and light on the planet. 

·         Walking boots | Wellies: Whether you are staying in the countryside or by the coast, a gentle stroll or hike is a wonderful way to soak up the scenery and explore the area. Particularly if you're planning to venture into National Parks or the South West Coast Path, make sure your walking boots are packed to protect your feet and ankles through varying terrain. And wellies are a must for autumn and winter glamping.

Sea views form Gull Rock Cabin, Cornwall

·         Hydro flask: For keeping water cold and coffee hot. Depending on how long an adventure you set out on, you will need several refreshments. Water for keeping hydrated, tea for warming you up, and wine for watching the sunset… not all essential, but all very lovely!

·         Swimsuits | Wetsuits: If you’re by the coast make sure you always pack your swimming stuff and a small towel (quick dry towels are great for this. Take a look at Dock and Bay). You may not be planning to swim, but sometimes you stumble across the perfect cove, and if the sun is shining you won’t be able to resist diving into the glistening waters. It’s also a good idea to pack a wetsuit for a glamping holiday by the sea, as you might want to book yourself into a surf, stand-up paddleboarding, coasteering or kayaking lesson. If you don’t own a wetsuit, don’t worry as you will be able to hire one.

·         Local guides: If you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing, a local guidebook is a great accessory. There are some really beautiful guides that not only outline the best places to visit, but also look lovely on the coffee table. If you are visiting Cornwall, The Maverick Guide is definitely worth checking out or Weekend Journals.  For any lovers of the ocean, ‘I Love the Seaside’ is a brilliant guide to the best surf spots throughout the UK and also offers advice on where to visit, and what to see and do nearby. 

Travel guide, house plant and coffee

·         Layers: Adventures are wonderful in all weathers - from the sun beaming down to the pitter-patter of rain and magical mist. To be prepared for all weathers as it can easily change in a day, it’s essential to always pack a light rain jacket if you’re planning to spend the day away from your base. Also, depending on the type of adventure you are heading on, layers are key. If you’re planning a wild swim, make sure you pack a hat and thick socks for when you get out (a flask of tea is also essential in winter). A light jumper is always a good option to pack for day trips. It’s surprising how quickly the temperature drops as soon as the sun begins to set.

·         Binoculars: Binoculars really can make a day extra special. There's so much amazing wildlife across the UK's countryside and coast - from deer and foxes in patchwork fields to dolphins and seals playing in the ocean. There's also an incredible number of species of birdlife to be discovered throughout the seasons - read our beginner's guide to birdwatching to learn more about observing them and where best to go. Needless to say, binoculars are a must-have item for enabling you to have a good look from a safe distance.

·         Foraging guide: Do a spot of research before arriving so you know what types of edible plants to look for in the area and during the season. Foraging guides are lovely to have if you are a creative cook and want to learn more about what we can forage naturally from Mother Nature. Take a look at our spring, summer, autumn and winter foraging guides for inspiration. 


What to pack to make the most of every quiet moment

A glamping escape doesn’t have to be all about adventure, it can also be a time to really unwind from the everyday. If all you want to do during your stay is drink tea, light the fire, read books, and eat good food, while occasionally jumping in and out of the hot tub, that sounds like a wonderful itinerary to us. In fact, it sounds like the perfect remedy to recharge. Spending time in nature is so beneficial to our well-being - take a look at our blog on the health benefits of glamping in nature to find out more, and here’s a selection of items to enhance slow living in the wild.

Breakfast in bed at Shepherd's Rest, Cornwall

·         Picnic blanket: It’s always good to have a picnic blanket handy for alfresco feasts. Whether you are planning a sunshine picnic in a National Trust Garden or have your heart set on a beach barbecue, a blanket is a simple base for your humble outdoor dining.  

·        Kelly kettle: These compact travel kettles are ideal for picnics or long walks, allowing you to stop for a lovely break with a hot tea or coffee. Brews taste even better with stunning views!

·         Picnic basket: Not necessarily essential, but they are a lovely accessory for packing all of your deli delights. Also, remember if you’re heading out for a picnic you will need to bring your own cutlery and crockery to take outside. Rather than purchasing disposables, you can pick up reusable bamboo plates, cups, and cutlery in a range of places, which are perfect for outdoor feasting.  

·         Camera | Polaroid: There’s something so special about living in the moment, and when you're creating beautiful memories that last a lifetime it’s so lovely to take a few snaps so you can cherish these memories forever. Also, for budding photographers, spending time in nature really sparks creativity and offers a plethora of beautiful subjects for your images. 

·         Books: There’s nothing like finding a quiet spot all to yourself and delving into a good book to while away the time, or choosing a book to inspire time in nature and adventures during your escape.

·         Notebooks | Journal: It’s lovely to note down how you've spent your time and the places you've visited, as well as any little stories. It’s hard to believe how much you can forget after your stay and a journal allows the magic to be fresh in your mind. It’s also nice to add in any tickets, polaroid pictures or postcards you pick up during your stay. We also recommend practising creative journaling during your time in nature, as it can help you feel more connected to the natural world and boost your wellbeing. 

Shepherd's hut with lakeside views in Devon

What to pack for the perfect romantic evening

Glamping sets the idyllic scene for slow romantic days. As you rise with the sun, bird song greets you and the slowest part of the day welcomes you to simply savour tranquility and indulge in mindfulness - from a coffee on the decking to gentle yoga or journaling. When exploration calls, you can spend days exploring the local area - from sandy shores to wildflower meadows - before returning to your heavenly hideaway where an evening under the stars awaits. From bubbling hot tubs to crackling wood burners and fire pits, there's no better place to connect with your loved one than somewhere idyllic in nature. 

Couple making home made pizzas

·         A portable speaker: A few of our hideaways have their own speakers, inside and sometimes out, so it’s best to check before you pack. If they don’t, it can be lovely to have something to play your favourite music from. Naturally, it’s important to be considerate of noise levels, especially close to wildlife, but a gentle soundtrack might just be the perfect accompaniment to your magical getaway.

·         Hot chocolates and marshmallows: When the sun sets and the stars begin to sparkle across the sky, there’s nothing like a mug of hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows to keep you toasty as you snuggle around the fire pit.

·         Cards | Boardgames: Cards and boardgames are a brilliant way to spend a fun few hours with loved ones - whether you're cosy inside your hideaway with the flickering wood burner or out on the luscious lawn under the sun. Many of our hideaways have games, however it's worth bringing a few of your favourites, too. 

·         Local food: An escape into nature often gives you the perfect opportunity to give food a little more thought and get creative. Why not pick up some fresh produce from the local farm shop or fishmongers and cook up a romantic feast over the fire pit or perhaps an alfresco kitchen. For a little bit of outdoor cooking inspiration and recipes take a look at our blog cooking in nature.

·         Prosecco & strawberries: What better way to set the scene than with a bottle of bubbles to toast your long-awaited getaway. Salud! 

Shepherd's Hut at dusk in Dorset

Feeling inspired to do all of your favourite things on a magical escape to nature? Explore our collection of hideaways across hidden corners of the UK.


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