Best hideaways for a mindful getaway

Penned on the 30th August 2023

Best hideaways for a mindful getaway

Have you ever dreamed of a weekend where you can simply switch off the constant buzz of everyday life, where you can wake up when the sun rises and then spend your days reading, swimming, walking or just being? We’ve selected our favourite hideaways for a mindful getaway. From embracing ‘Blue Mind’ to soaking up the goodness of the forest, here we have the best of the best for the most soulful escape…

Best hideaway for practising ‘Blue Mind’

Just simply looking at the ocean allows you to benefit 'Blue Mind'

Whether soaking in a hot bath, a cool river, or watching the sunset over the ocean, embracing 'Blue Mind' is a great way to find peace by the water. 'Blue Mind' is described as having ‘a mildly meditative state characterised by calm, peace, unity, and a sense of general happiness and satisfaction with life in the moment’, all accomplished as a result of simply being close to an open body of water. Our top pick for a hideaway that allows you to embrace 'Blue Mind' has to be Captain Blake’s Retreat at Whitsand Bay in North Cornwall. Literally sitting on the edge of a cliff top, the vista of the ocean is unbeatable. You can even admire the sea views from where you rest your head at night, so get ready to watch the ocean ebb and flow throughout the day, leaving you feeling all dreamy and truly relaxed.  

Take a look at our full collection of hideaways with sea views here.


Best hideaway for stargazing 

Stargazing is a great mindful activity for unwinding

There’s nothing more humbling than looking into the depths of the sky at night. Stargazing is a mindful activity that helps us to be more present, as when we’re absorbed in the enchantment of the cosmos, it’s hard to draw our attention away to focus on anything else. Take a look at Station A, our former WWII building nestled along Pembrokeshire's rugged coastline. This spellbinding hideaway isn’t far from Shrinkle Haven, a well-renowned stargazing location in Wales. Pack your binoculars and a flask of hot chocolate, and embrace a romantic evening soaking up the magic of the sparkling sky above, with the one you love most. 


Best hideaways for a spa experience 

The wood-fired hot tub at Shepherd's View in Staffordshire

There's nothing like a trip to the spa to put a busy mind at ease, but what if we could spend time in nature, while also soaking up the goodness of spa facilities? So many of our heavenly hideouts have the added feature of a hot tub. From bubbling jacuzzis to wood-fired love tubs and even alfresco roll-top baths, having this extra facility where you can simply soak away your worries under the moonlight adds an extra sense of well-being to your time in nature. Take a look at Shepherd's View, our gorgeous hideaway in Staffordshire with a Hikki Sweedish bathtub, the perfect spot to simply getaway from it all. 


Best hideaway for a solo adventure 

Embrace a solo glamping getaway

Looking for the ultimate way to recharge and refresh? Why not treat yourself to a solo adventure? Pack your journal, yoga leggings and essential oils, for a few days away simply reconnecting with you! With no distractions and space and time to live exactly how you wish for a little while, we think a solo escape should be on everyone's bucket list. Our top pick for a solo retreat has to be Ffion, a dog-friendly shepherd’s hut in the heart of the Cambrian Mountains. With our four-legged friend in tow, we would embrace slow mornings with a leisurely lie-in, before exploring the rugged landscape of Ceredigion and retreating back to our mountain escape for an evening of cooking and stargazing around the fire pit. 


Best hideaway for forest bathing 

Experience the magic of the forest on your wellness retreat

The forest invites you to do so much more than simply pass through. With open arms, it welcomes and cocoons you with safe, bellowing trees and a comforting earthy blanket beneath. Forest bathing or ‘shinrin-yoku’ is a practice that emerged in Japan in the 1980s, as a form of ecotherapy to relax both the body and mind. Really, forest bathing is a simple concept, take time out in nature and engage all the senses as you walk or sit, with an aim to reach a new level of calm and quiet amongst the trees. Get swept away by the magic of the forest with a stay at Wildwood Hideaway. Encompassed by woodland, this cosy cabin is perfect for some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Enjoy moments of reading in the hammock or beside the fire, with nothing but the sweet sound of the trees swaying as the theme tune to your mindful getaway. 


Best hideaway for wild swimming 

Embrace wild swimming during your glamping getaway

The ever-popular 'wild swim' is the perfect way to practise mindfulness in nature. Whether you are a sea swimmer, a lake dipper, or prefer to float down the river, immersing yourself in natural bodies of water is so good for our overall well-being. For us, there’s nowhere better to experience the true magic of wild swimming than the Lake District. Nestled just a stone's throw from the national park is where you will find The Wrens Nest, a gorgeous cabin with a wood-fired hot tub. Close to Penrith, this handcrafted hideaway is perfectly located to some incredible wild swimming spots, such as Glenridding Beck; a tucked away rocky lagoon, that's nestled amongst trees and fed by a small waterfall. Upon arrival, you feel as if you’ve stepped into the pages of a storybook. The temperature is sure to take your breath away, but the crystal-clear water is too inviting to resist a dip. 


Whatever season you choose to venture off the road less travelled, we have the perfect hideaway for you to experience a wellness retreat encompassed by nature. Take a look at our full collection of hideaways and start planning a retreat that’s good for your mind, body and soul. 



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