Creative journaling in nature with Journal for Joy

Penned on the 30th June 2023

Creative journaling in nature with Journal for Joy

At Unique hideaways, we love journaling for its ability to boost wellbeing and creativity, while reminding us to slow things down and reap the rewards of being more mindful. From rising with the sun, to being beside the ocean or in a forest; nature provides the perfect setting for taking time to reflect on your thoughts, making it a wonderful thing to do on a glamping escape.

Recently, the Unique hideaways team experienced an afternoon of creative journaling with Hannah Bevan, a freelance writer, author and workshop host based in Cornwall. Hannah is the author of Hometown Journal, which is packed with bright and fun journaling prompts, designed to help you explore and enjoy where you live. She also hosts a variety of creative journaling workshops for groups, workplaces and events, each tuned to different ways of journaling but with a common purpose: to feel its benefits and discover tips for making it a part of our daily lives. 

The ‘Connect to nature’ workshop

Creative journaling in nature

Perched in a wildflower meadow, overlooking Restronguet Creek and cradled by trees, our delightful shepherd’s hut Pippin provided a picture-perfect backdrop for our ‘Connect to Nature’ workshop with Hannah. Sunny, bright blue skies and a perfectly still day added to the serenity of the spot as we rolled out our blankets on the soft grass, pens and journals at the ready. 

Hannah invited up to 16 of us to join her creative journaling workshop. Participating in this way is a great introduction to journaling, as it gives you a wonderful balance between independent exercises and shared findings. By the end of the workshop, we had gained a better understanding of all the different ways we interpret and feel things, while pushing ourselves to share little snippets about our experiences. We all left feeling better connected and grateful for stepping outside of our comfort zones! 

Prompts for journaling in nature 

Purple flower

The workshop was very much designed with nature in mind, with Hannah opting for journaling prompts that encouraged us to explore our surroundings with a keen eye, and to focus on its impact on our senses and feelings. This included getting up and moving around - using all of our senses to really explore our surroundings - writing poetry, and sketching. 

Spoiled with views across the Carrick Roads, and surrounded by luscious green trees, grass and intricate flowers, we each honed into little pockets of nature, allowing it to inhabit our thoughts and inspire our words and drawings. For those who feel well connected to nature already, journaling asks you to go a bit deeper - using touch and smell, when often you may only use sight and sound - and focusing on a small, detailed area, when you might usually look more at the wider picture. Asking our minds to be curious and reflective in this way offers ultimate escapism from everyday thoughts and stresses, equipping us with techniques to find peace and joy amidst the busyness. 

Creative journaling

drawing flowers in nature during creative journaling

While we were fortunate to be surrounded by nature in our workshop, Hannah also asked us to draw on nature using our imagination. We spent some time writing a poem about the ocean and how it makes us feel, allowing our thoughts to wander to other places and experiences to craft words creatively or to simply record a flow of consciousness. We also finished the afternoon with gratitude journaling - something you can do anywhere, at any time. A real highlight of the experience, we began by drawing a tree before adding notes to its branches, each one briefly describing something we are grateful for that day. From the sweet taste of a ripe strawberry or the welcoming aromas of a morning cup of coffee, to the refreshing cold of a swim in the sea or a conversation with a loved one, it can be both little details and significant moments - whatever gives you the feeling of gratitude. 

Sun flare through the trees

Reflecting on your day is a lovely habit to exercise regularly, grounding the mind and focusing on positivity. This, alongside other creative journaling practices, can be hugely beneficial to our health and wellbeing, as well as boosting brain function and creativity. Read our guest post from Hannah to learn more about the benefits of journaling, and explore her website Journal for Joy - we highly recommend experiencing the workshops!  



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