A spring foraging adventure with 7th Rise

Penned on the 25th April 2023

A spring foraging adventure with 7th Rise

Earlier this spring, we were lucky enough to be invited on a foraging adventure with 7th Rise at their woodland retreat nestled on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall. The team offer a range of unique and wild outdoor experiences. From wild game butchery to botanical ink making, their nature-inspired workshops spark creativity and bring their guests a little closer to nature. 

Arriving was an adventure in itself with a trip across the King Harry Ferry and although nested in nature, the meeting point in the field above the camp was easy enough to find. Popping on our wellies, we started with a walk through woodland where we stopped to take in mother nature’s goods. Stuart, our foraging guide was so welcoming and knowledgeable, leading us through the forest and pointing out hidden gems amongst the leaves and trees. 

Woodland foraging with 7th Rise

One of the first items we picked was sorrel. Easy enough to identify with its pointy leaves, it tasted like a sour cooking apple, which proved to be a bit like marmite among the group. We then wandered further into the forest to pick nettles. Careful not to sting ourselves, we began to fill the basket with these well-known spiky leaves. It was great to learn all about the different benefits of eating, brewing, and cooking with foraged goods. For example, nettle is rich in vitamins A, C and Iron as well as having potent anti-inflammatory benefits. Read more about the benefits of nettle and find our nettle tea recipe here.

Group foraging in spring

As we continued our journey, we stopped to pick the likes of ground ivy and wall pennywort as well as pretty primroses. These gorgeous yellow flowers are perfect for decorating homemade bakes and can also be frozen in ice cubes to spruce up a sunny G & T. As we visited in early spring the annual three-cornered leek had started to make their appearance in the woodland. Commonly mistaken as wild garlic, these dainty white flowers can be distinguished by their triangular-like stem. With a strong taste of onion, the flowers can be picked and scattered over salads and the stems chopped and cooked into the likes of risotto, which is exactly what we did!

Wall pennywort and primroses

Once we reached 7th Rise HQ it was time for a little break. We enjoyed a choice of freshly brewed coffee and herbal teas as well as a truly delicious homemade Anzac biscuit. We then had time to explore the grounds. The site is truly enchanting, settled above the water’s edge overlooking The River Fal. 

The beautiful outdoor kitchen at 7th Rise

After we’d refreshed, we headed down to the water. Stuart talked us through different foraged goods that can be found by the sea, such as rock samphire and sea beat. He also made us aware of the dangers of hemlock water droplet, commonly found near water and deadly poisonous! This made us realise how confident you must be when foraging alone, so make sure to double-check seasonal foraging guides or why not purchase your own foraging book to take on your adventures with you? 

Foraging by the sea

Feeling fully windswept, we then headed back into the forest. We were encouraged to walk on our own in silence and to think about what once might have been in the forest, what now existed and what will still be here in the future. We then came together and shared our stories and thoughts. It was a lovely activity that helped to calm the mind and brought us into the present moment. This activity reminded us a lot of our forest bathing experience which you can read all about here. 

Cooking over the fire pit

Venturing back to camp, we gathered around the fire as Stuart finished cooking our wood-fired foraged risotto. Once ready, we headed to the barn which was warmed by the wood burner. While tucking into a delicious lunch, we chatted to the other guests that had kindly been invited along from other local businesses. Pudding was a treat; a foraged chestnut and cranberry brownie… so rich, so gooey and just so delicious!

The barn at 7th Rise and the chocolate brownie

To finish the day, we went on one more adventure, but this time without the 7th Rise team. We were asked to bring back 5 foraged goods we could now confidently identify. We once again came together and discussed our findings.

Spring foraged goods

We really did have the most amazing time at 7th Rise and would highly recommend booking into one of their workshops when visiting the area. It’s a great thing to do as a group or alternatively on a solo adventure, as you can meet many like-minded people in a truly special environment. We are already planning to go back in autumn when the likes of mushrooms, berries and nuts are in season. What an adventure, thank you so much 7th Rise for a truly fantastic experience! 



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