A cosy family stay at Polly the Lorry horsebox

Penned on the 6th December 2022

A cosy family stay at Polly the Lorry horsebox

On a late November Friday afternoon, we set off for a cosy weekend getaway to the quirky Polly the Lorry in North Devon. After following the winding country lanes we turned into Haywood Farm, the home to our heavenly hideaway. We could just see Polly over a hedge, standing proudly in the corner of a picturesque meadow. 

We were instantly greeted by the lovely owner Nicki who made us feel at home from the moment we arrived. Nicki accompanied us across the field, whilst Mabel (their gorgeous dog) raced my son Noah over to our hidden haven. The sun was beginning to set, which made Polly glow in the golden evening light. 

Golden hour at Polly the Lorry horsebox

Nicki showed us around the site, explaining how everything worked as it was our first time staying in an off-grid hideaway! The wood burner had kindly been lit, so as we stepped inside we were greeted by the warm glow from the flickering flames. We made sure to ask the very important question of how to get to the pub, which was just a short walk across the fields, following the public footpath. 

Cosy interiors at Polly the Lorry

As we unpacked our belongings and settled into our magical hideaway for the next few nights, Noah explored the grounds, finding horses in the field next door (very on point for staying in a converted horsebox). He also discovered the private woodland area (just for our use) where there was a hammock tucked away amongst the ancient trees. This quickly became his favourite hiding spot! A proper little woodland den.

Before it got too dark, we wanted to head out to the local pub. It was only a short walk across three fields… what could possibly go wrong? After a day of sunshine (despite weeks of wet and wild weather) we thought we would leave the wellies behind… except for Noah who wears his everywhere! This was a mistake, a big mistake, although a hilarious one. The first field was crossed without a hitch, the second however was a bit of a mud bath, which resulted in a stuck shoe and Matthew (my partner) having to take a walk (a very muddy walk) back to Polly to get the wellies. It’s safe to say we learnt our lesson and the wellies became our go-to footwear for the rest of our trip! 

The interiors at The Bell Inn, Chittlehampton

After the slight hiccup, we reached The Bell Inn, the gorgeous local pub in the neighbouring village of Chittlehampton. The food was delicious, the ambience was warming and the locals were very friendly. Not to mention the best part, the chocolate orange brownie… simply amazing! 

Delicious chocolate orange brownie at The Bell Inn, Chittlehampton

The walk home was quicker with our wellies securely on our feet and once back at Polly we re-lit the wood burner and in no time, we were toasty warm. As the horsebox is run from solar energy, there is no TV, but this wasn’t a worry for us, we were ready to switch off from reality and simply relax in the wilds. We came prepared with games to play, but we were pleasantly surprised by the great selection supplied by the owners.  

Board games including drafts and naughts and crosses

After a few games, it was time to pop back on the wellies and head to the neighbouring bathroom horse trailer, to brush our teeth and get ready for bed. We pulled out the sofa bed for Noah which was easy to assemble, and we then climbed the steps to our cosy double bed for a dreamy night’s sleep under the stars. 

As dawn awoke, I made myself a fresh coffee and headed outside to the little secluded woodland and slipped into the hammock where I peacefully watched the neighbouring sheep in the field out front. I was pleased to have made the most of the morning sunshine, as the rest of the day was a display of classic winter weather. But, we didn’t let the rain dampen our mood. With our wellies once again securely on our feet, we headed into Barnstaple for a wander and picked up some delicious local produce for our evening meal. 

Sheep grazing in the field

On returning to our serene sanctuary, we lit the fire and pulled out a jigsaw puzzle to keep Noah busy. I once again climbed the steps and spent the afternoon reading a book that’s been sitting on my shelf for quite some time. It was wonderful to quietly relax to the sound of the radio and take time to do the simple things in life. While the rain hammered down on Polly outside, we stayed warm and cosy in our quirky little retreat. 

Reading while on holiday in Devon

After enjoying our local delights, we played a few more board games and then drifted off to sleep, listening to the rain tapping on the windows. 

Morning arrived and the clouds had cleared, just in time for us to pack up and head to the car. Before saying goodbye to picturesque Polly, we made one last coffee and sat outside on the decking, taking in the view of the fields and out to the postcard-pretty church in Chittlehampton. 

The countryside views surrounding Polly the Lorry horsebox

Despite the weather over our stay, it didn’t dampen our glamping getaway at Polly the Lorry. It was an experience we will never forget, a real family adventure! Noah already can’t wait to come back in the summer to explore more of the beautiful local area and to become better acquainted with the farm animals. 




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