Unique hideaways sponsor Devon Environment Foundation

Penned on the 24th August 2023

Unique hideaways sponsor Devon Environment Foundation

We are delighted to share that we have donated £1,000 to Devon Environment Foundation, an inspiring organisation with an aim to restore at least 30% of Devon’s land and water by 2030. 

Since its launch in July 2020, DEF has raised over £0.5 million to aid projects that restore and protect Devon’s natural environment. They specialise in channelling funds from those who wish to give something back to nature, to help aid grassroots projects in Devon that have an impactful focus on nature. The projects they choose to support are those that can be replicated and scaled up across the county, therefore having the most positive impact on Devon’s natural environment. 

Butterflies and wild flowers

The three key areas that DEF aim to support are as follows; Landscape Regeneration, River Restoration and Marine Conservation. As Devon’s landscape is so vast, ranging from rolling countryside to flowing rivers and blissful beaches, it makes sense that the project looks to support all three natural environments that intertwine across the county. Here are some examples of recent grassroots projects DEF has supported via its grants: 

  • Landscape Regeneration: Wild Plant Nursery. £10,000 awarded to Keep it Wild CIC to help kick-start a new Wild Plant Nursery, in the hope of restoring native plants that no longer exist in the most farmed landscapes. 
  • River Restoration: Crayfish Hatchery. £10,452 has been awarded to Wildwood Devon’s white-clawed crayfish hatcher project, which aims to populate numbers of crayfish to eliminate their threat of extinction in the county. 
  • Marine Conservation: Save our Seagrass. £9,000 was awarded to Wild Planets Trust Save our Seagrass, to help protect seagrass meadows through a holistic strategy. 

Compass jellyfish

Executive Director Amanda Keetley said: “We’re very grateful for Unique hideaway’s donation to help local nature-based solutions in Devon. We were able to use it straight away, pooling it with other donations so we could award grants to innovative grassroots projects that required support to kick-start or scale up their positive impact on nature. Without the support of donors like Unique hideaways, we wouldn’t be able to help as many of the brilliant people making a difference for nature in Devon.”

Why we chose to support Devon Environment Foundation

We chose to support DEF, as we are continually looking for ways we can give back to nature. With nearly a third of our collection existing in Devon, we feel it’s even more important to support areas where we have such a strong foothold. The projects which the foundation helps to fund, align well with our values. Every step we take to help restore the natural environment that surrounds us, not only has a positive impact on our world's present state but also on the future, which is considered in all we do here at Unique hideaways. 

The DEF is a member of the Conservation Collective. This is a global network of locally-focused environmental foundations. Ranging from Menorca to Barbados, the Conservation Collective has nature and restoration at the forefront of all its projects. 




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