A short history of what makes us want to camp

Penned on the 21st March 2019

A short history of what makes us want to camp

We started out life as nomads. We led improvised lives grabbing shelter under the trees and the stars beside a fire. At some point, some bright spark thought caves might offer up a better roof over the head.

Shepherds twigged that they could lay down under animal skins, raised on posts to form tents. We started to fashion huts of wattle and daub and the first man-made homes appeared. Fast forward 5,000 years and here we are in our sophisticated houses in ever more congested cities wondering how we can reconnect with the wild.


Why is this? Well, strangely it’s to do with fear. Fear and excitement are one and the same in that we need stimulation to raise our heartbeat and imagination. Playstations and Xbox do their best but ultimately turn us into zombies. Camping is the closest activity we can find to make us feel totally alive.


However, we’ve spotted a flaw in this romantic story. You don’t feel totally alive if you’re woken up at 4am by a deflated mattress, flapping wind sheet or simply needing a pee and it’s raining outside. Classic Glamping aims to cure all these bugbears, although the weather might be beyond us.


But safely squirreled away in one of our luxury camping nests, you’ll be warm and dry - well aware of the elements, but warm and dry. We’ve taken that nomadic instinct and wrapped it up in creature comforts so you can sit in your pod through a rainstorm with a blanket and a book, stay warm in the snow by wrapping yourself around a wood-burner, or brave a windy night under the stars by hunkering in a hot tub with bubbling warmth up under your chin. And when it passes? Throw open the doors or tie back the canvas and let the outside in.


Reconnect with the wild on your own terms; step out like Snow White and sing with birds but only after warming your croissants on the stove, run through the meadow like a child with a kite but sink into a copper bath tub to wash muddy toes, sleep under the stars but do it on a 5ft mattress with pillows and a duvet.


Go glamping.

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