How to set up a glamping site

Penned on the 26th March 2019

How to set up a glamping site

We provide free consultancy and can help you with everything from field to finish and beyond, it's all part of our service.

Our older sibling, Classic Cottages, was set up in Far West Cornwall in 1977 with the aim of making self-catering holidays more of a pleasure. Along the way, it set new standards for the industry. Classic Glamping launched in 2013, combining these decades of experience with our own hunger to shake things up in this new and exciting area.

We’re not usually ones to blow our own trumpet, but hey. There are quite a few things that we’re really good at:

Helping you turn a patch of land (whether it’s a muddy field, a quiet part of your large back garden or a piece of woodland) into a fabulous glamping getaway.

Understanding what guests want – and how you can give it to them.

Providing tip top marketing knowhow to really max out your bookings.

Handling the nitty gritty of IT, admin and finances.

Holding your hand every step of the way.

Safari tent glampingWhat makes us different?
It’s simple. We give our customers three cast-iron guarantees.

No 1: You get your own bathroom.

No 2: You get your own private flushing toilet.

No 3: You get the quality and service of a company that tries harder.

It’s all about the internet
It really is. Classic Cottages has been online for a very long time, and Classic Glamping is able to take full advantage of our older sibling’s superb knowledge of what makes the internet tick. If you don’t know your Search Engine Optimisation from your Pay Per Click, don’t worry, because we carefully juggle all the keywords to keep us top of the search pages. 

Our user-friendly website never sleeps, handling bookings 24/7, and our in-house IT team keeps things running smoothly and one step ahead. Our self-designed systems are unique to us, so we know what’s going on and are always in control. And our bespoke owners’ site lets you stay in charge of your finances, with live bookings, availability and feedback all visible at the click of a button. 

Shepherd hut glampingWhy set up a glamping site?
Put simply, they generate a very quick return on investment. We anticipate that most glamping sites that we market will pay for themselves within two and half years. The key ingredients are the right location, the right style of accommodation and excellent facilities. 

Where is the best location?
Ideally, your location will have some form of unique attraction. It may be situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, have easy access to the coast, have far-reaching views, be situated around a lake or simply be adjacent to a copse or woodland. We recommend the exclusion of cars from the site to make it more child-friendly. 

As for services, you’ll need either mains water or a local water tank, mains electricity, access to a log store and a waste water system.

Yurt glampingDo I need planning permission? 
Yes, but it should be a much lighter touch than for a permanent structure. A number of planning departments have a stated aim of assisting the development of tourism, and many are supportive of farm diversification, which can speed up the process. 

Safari tent, yurt, cabin or shepherd’s hut?
It’s all down to location. We can meet you at your site to assess its potential, and help you to decide what type of accommodation would both work best for you and provide you with the greatest return on investment. 

Cabin glampingHow do I get started?
Just get in touch! We are interested in all shapes and sizes of glamping accommodation, as long as it meets our minimum requirements of its own bathroom, a flushing toilet and the high standards our guests expect.

We can recommend reliable suppliers that we know personally, and can advise on planning, costs and interior design. Whether it’s a couple’s cabin or a safari tent sleeping six, we will bring our creative ideas to your project. Our aim is always to create accommodation that captures the magical essence of camping while providing a fabulous level of comfort and usability.

And when everything is up and running we will be there for you when it comes to admin, marketing and sorting out any niggles. From field to finish, it’s all part of the service.

If you have any questions or would like to talk further, please call Jakie Jewell, Commercial Manager, on 01326 555 531 or email

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